May 22, 2023

TE Connectivity Latest products

element14 has increased its TE Connectivity and sensor device portfolio with the introduction of their latest products, allowing customers to accelerate the development of new applications for electric vehicles, power, aircraft, digital factories, smart homes, life-saving medical care, efficient utility networks and global communications infrastructure.

These latest additions to element14's existing portfolio of TE Connectivity products will aid new product development by providing customers with rapid access to a market-leading range of solutions from the world's leading manufacturer of innovative, reliable connectivity products and sensors.

AMPMODU connectors are 2mm board-to-board receptacles that provide increased surface contact for reliable signal transfer and can be used in various mounting processes.

· Occupies 38% less space on PCB board compared with 2.54mm [0.1″] centreline.

· Two-point electrical stability for reliable header and receptacle interconnection.

· Multiple options for board-to-board stacking by headers and receptacles combination.

· Ease of assembly with automated surface-mount and through-hole reflow manufacturing.

· Applications include , servo drives, industrial controls, material handling, instrumentation,

test equipment and building automation.

Corcom 3-phase high performance DIN Rail EMI filters are general purpose filters designed for use in 3-phase systems, with a neutral connection included.

· Designed to provide standard attenuation performance to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and noise in a power supply.

· Chassis mounting, DIN-Rail mount options.

· Applications include industrial automation, HVAC and CNC machines.

M12 PCB/PANEL CONNECTORS 8/12PIN are new plug-in PCB connectors that help to increase production efficiency and decrease installation costs where IP67 protection is required. Suitable for higher signal and data transmission in harsh industrial environments, these high pin density 12-pin connector provides a very compact design with high density connection.

· Plug & play mating for rapid installation.

· Fast and reliable connection for PCB and panel mount.

· 8 and 12 positions

· IP67 with dust-tightness and waterproof to at least 1m.

· Applications include industrial automation, machinery, industrial ethernet and sensors.

Dynamic series connector solutions range from signal level circuitry to power circuit connectivity in a ruggedised, industrialised package. These connectors feature a robust housing structure and high-quality crimp contact system, making them suitable for wire-to-board, wire-to-panel, and wire-to-wire applications in harsh industrial environments.

For over 75 years, TE Connectivity has partnered with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and sensing products that make a connected world possible.

The latest new products from TE Connectivity are now available in stock at element14 in APAC.

The TE Connectivity Latest products additions to the element14 range include: AMPMODU connectors Corcom 3-phase high performance DIN Rail EMI filters M12 PCB/PANEL CONNECTORS 8/12PIN Dynamic series connector solutions