May 28, 2023

Waterproof panel

Hirose has added a waterproof panel mount connector to its DF62WP wire-to-wire connector series.

Outside the panel, the connectors offer an "IP67 equivalent", said the company, waterproof seal between cable and socket.

Inside the panel, the connectors offer a waterproof seal between panel and plug.

The crimped contacts and wire are inserted through the seals to complete the cable assembly.

The DF62WP series has a multi-row pin layout arranged in a grid pattern, and the parts use a two-point contact design to increase reliability under shock and vibration.

There are 15 contacts in groups of 3, 4, 6 and 2 (see photo). Overall size is ~62 x 19 x 23mm, pitch is 2.2mm, and 20, 22, 24 and 26AWG wires can be accommodated.

Rating is 250V ac and dc, 5A and -40 to +105°C. Maximum resistance is 30mΩ. Durability is 30 insertion-withdrawal cycles.

Pars are halogen-free as defined by IEC61249-2-21.

A centre latch provides a tactile click during mating, and visual confirmation of completed locking. The latch is protected by tapered side guards that prevent entanglement in the harness and accidental un-mating.

Indoor and outdoor applications are foreseen, for example in home appliances, automatic ticket gates, food processing machinery, LED lighting, motorised bicycles, medical devices, security systems and robotic machinery.

The DF62WP Series product pae is here

see photo Steve Bush