May 18, 2023

Flexible jumper strips in surface

GTK is supplying through-hole and sirface-mount flexible jumper strips in a variety of pitches and lengths, with a choice of insulation type.

"Flexible jumper strips offer OEMs a versatile method of connecting two PCBs and can tolerate repeated flexing," said GTK connector specialist Maciej Gluzniewicz. "This is ideal for connecting PCBs in high vibration applications, or where adjoining PCBs are sandwiched together or are located at unusual angles. I think it is the level of versatility and customisation that has resulted in the longevity of this connector technology."

Through-hole types come in pitches including 1.27, 2.0, 2.54 and 3.5mm, with mixed-pitch jumpers available.

Strips can have up to eighty conductors, dependent on the pitch.

Construction is ’round-to-flat’ "which results in an even distribution of stress over the entire flexing area," according to the company. "The strips are typically used for permanent PCB connections but can be mated with PCB connectors if a disconnect option is needed.

Insulation options are available including Kapton, polyester, Nomex or Teflon. No stripping is needed as they are are ready for through-hole insertion and soldering.

Surface mount jumper strips come in 0.5 or 0.93mm pitch and are available with up to 50 conductors.

These have tin-plated contacts and are Kapton insulated for reflow soldering. Presentation is tape and reel for automatic pick-and-place.

GTK is owned by Volex and is headquartered in the UK with offices in Germany and Taiwan. It has production in the UK, Romania, Taiwan and China,

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Steve Bush