Jun 13, 2023

Cox Outage During Laker Game?

I had pretty much the identical experience with customer service. The first level of people who answer the phone after the robot wastes your time never can answer your questions or fix your problem, but they CAN waste your time by reading off the script in front of them. Like you said, they just regurgitate facts that you already know, and in fact, have told THEM when you originally called. They are not empowered to give credits, and the right hand never seems to know what the left hand is doing. The supervisor generally is the person who knows what the problem is, or they can find out, and they can explain how long it will take to fix it. They are also the ones with the authority to give monitary credits for outages and interruptions. You and I sound like we approach Cox in the same manner regarding the paying in advance philosophy. I like to pay for services at the time I get them or after I get them, not in advance. I hate Cox. Here's a hint for people trying to resolve techical issues - if you call and even get transferred to a supervisor who tells you they cannot resolve your problem and have to schedule a tech to come out to check it out, don't give up. My service had been turned off at midnight on a SATURDAY night due to a clerical error (it's a long story). I called the first time, and was told by the supervisor that they could do nothing until the business office opened on MONDAY, and I would just have to wait. Not satisfied, I called the same number again and navigated to tech support again, and talked to an entirely different rep who, amazing had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM WITH COX HIMSELF the week before and had learned how to turn my service back on so I could resolve the issue on Monday with the business office. The first guy said it was impossible, and the second guy proved that the first guy was wrong. Two guys, working for the same company, working in the same capacity, yet one thinks it is impossible to fix your problem, and another actually fixes the problem. Never take "no" or "impossible" for an answer until you have heard it three times. Often, you can get what you need if you get a competent, properly trained and empowered employee. That is true for other service companies, too.