Jun 05, 2023

Pasadena Now’s 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide: Because He’s Dad

Here are some very select items that Dad will love this year. While this list is small, it is hand-picked and curated by Pasadena Now staff, and will be updated up until a few days before Father's Day, so that someone online can ship it right over to Dad, and no one needs to know you waited until the last minute. Dad will know, but he's cool like that. Because he's Dad.

The gifts range from experiences and memories to cool gadgets and gizmos, from the musical to the personal and the scientific. Because he's Dad.

Let's peruse, shall we?

Father's Day Cruise

Dads dig boats and water, and not having to do anything but sit back and enjoy, at least sometimes. Take him on a Premier Marina del Rey Father's Day Brunch Cruise for an afternoon on the ocean with the familia, in the Marina del Rey Harbor.

Get on his good side again as you indulge in delicious cocktails, chef-prepared menus, and the attentive service that he deserves. Our DJ sets the mood while you soak in the Marina del Rey skyline from an intimate, climate-controlled interior and open-air rooftop decks, with a 360-degree view of the harbor.

He might have to drive the family there and home, but on that water, the afternoon is all his. More information is available right here.

A Summer Party at the Hollywood Bowl

It doesn't have to be loud to be cool. And it doesn't really have to be jazz to be jazz. Take Dad to see an array of jazz, Latin and soul artists on his weekend at the Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival.

Is there anything more awesome than a summer night at Hollywood Bowl? Order dinner to pick up or grab something there, and just immerse yourself in the cool of it all.

Hosted by Arsenio Hall, the show features Bell Biv DeVoe, Kamasi Washington, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Samara Joy, Aziza, Poncho Sanchez, Lionel Loueke and Gretchen Parlato, Herbie Hancock, along with the Institute of Jazz Performance Ensemble at UCLA.

These are music history nights with legendary musicians on every line of the musical style scale. Check it out right here.

NUX Rocks

Just because Dad's not fronting that big, loud heavy metal band anymore (or maybe he still is, and that's cool), he sometimes wants a little amplifier that he can keep in the trunk of the car, always charged, for when he's in an acoustic mood, and hankering to rock his folk version of Greta Van Fleet's "Black Smoke Rising."

The NUX AC-25 is a compact acoustic amplifier with a built-in rechargeable battery that can run for 4 hours for some serious busking. That's way more than enough time for Dad to kick out the folk jams. Besides, the game is gonna be on soon.

The AC-25 rocks a 6.5″ speaker, some modeling preamps, reverb, a Bluetooth Audio Stream, and its own builtin drum machine, all available and tweakable through the Stageman App on his phone.

The dual channel configuration means he can plug in a mic, as well as his acoustic guitar. Got jams he wants to play along to? The Nux AC-25 also allows him to stream those through the amp. Basically, he is the whole band. Which he always is anyway, because He's Dad. Rock out right here.

Let There be Devos

Sometimes, when Dad is taking everyone camping in the Great Outdoors and fussing with this light, and that lantern, and that fire, and oh yeah, bears, don't you think he would love a street light that he could just take out of a bag, open up and turn on, like he's camping right outside a Dude Burger on Walnut, instead of deep in the Angeles Forest wilderness?

Well, this is what we mean:

The Devos Light Ranger is a high-power USB-C rechargeable LED lantern with a telescoping pole that reaches nearly nine feet, and a steady tripod. It provides an overhead area lighting for camping, RV stuff, outdoor cooking, backyard sports and any other outdoor activity at night. The LightRanger is also perfect for emergency preparedness (power outages), home improvement and construction projects. Its elevated light illuminates a dramatically larger area (60 ft diameter), with a brightness up to 1200 lumens. That's bright.

The new 4-section pole adjusts from 32″ to 104″ and collapses down to only 36.5″. It has a 3.75 hour run-time on maximum brightness (1200 lumens) and 80 hrs on minimum brightness (60 lumens).

Its USB-C fast charge gets to 60% in one hour and 100% in only 3.5 hours. The Light Ranger is also IPX6 Waterproof, and the powerful Li-ion battery can also charge other devices, like Dad's phone.

The adjustable stand keeps bugs up and away by elevating the light source. How ‘bout that? See the light right here.

Elevate Dad's Zoom Appearances

Dad hasn't totally gone back to the office yet, and he still needs to look his best on Zoom more often than not. That calls for serious pro lighting.

The Cordless Ring Light Pro from LumeCube, with premium Edge-Lit technology will elevate Dad's look by providing a soft, balanced and flattering light that's easy on his eyes. It not only comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, wireless remote control and a pretty cool premium travel case, its 256 inward-facing LEDs with built-in diffusion will provide perfectly balanced light, reduce shadows and eliminate harsh bright spots.

The Ring Light Pro features a wide range of customizable color temperatures from cool blue to warm amber, and the wireless control of it all keeps Dad in front of the light and focused on his message, and not on wires, or dashing from behind the light to his desk. Dad deserves to look his best. Help him along right here.

Quiet, Please, Dad is Podcasting

Dad has a message and it needs to get out to his peeps. That's why he has a podcast, kids. And in order to do it properly, he needs some great equipment.

Cue the Donner PC-02 Integrated Podcast Workstation.

The PC-02 is an integrated podcast workstation and mixing console that contains hybrid XLR/jack connectors, high gain – low noise preamps with 48V phantom power, 5 physical motorized faders, studio-grade DSP processors, and nine programmable pads for automating mixing functions, with onboard recording and Bluetooth capability.

Dad knows what that all means, don't worry.

The PC-02 is also equipped with ten separate voice effects including Noise Gate, Compressor, De-esser, EQ , Reverb, Delay, Autotune, Pitch, Megaphone, and RobotTalk. Again, Dad knows.

With an all-in-one solution for live streaming and podcasting, the PC-02 with its 4 channel mixer console lets Dad control the mic, his instruments, his music, his talk, and even a full band performance for the perfect broadcast mix. You can rock the pod right here.

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