May 22, 2023


M5Stack has launched several ESP32 WiFi & BLuetooth IoT controllers with an integrated display such as M5Stack Core2. The latest model, M5Stack TOUGH, is a little different as it is rugged and waterproof/weatherproof with a UV resistant enclosure sealed with o-ring, and offering waterproof M12 connectors.

With protection against solid objects, dust, sand, dirt, and water drops, as well as variety of installation options such as screw mount, rolled strip, magnetic and adhesive back, the M5Stack TOUGH is suitable for more demanding environments from kitchens to factory floors, and outdoor data acquisition.

M5Stack TOUGH specifications:

Once the top side of the device is out of the enclosure, you’ll have access to USB port, expansion header, I2C connector, and the 41mm height of the enclosure should give some space for extra sensors if needed through the TOUGH.EXT board inside the enclosure that exposes I2C, GPIO, UART, PWR, and RS485 headers. The design is clearly not made to be immersed, and the company does not mention an ingress protection rating.

As usual, for M5Stack platforms, software development can be done with the ESP-IDF framework, the Arduino IDE, or UIFlow visual programming IDE. M5Stack TOUGH ships with a one-meter waterproof USB cable for power, a Hex key (aka Allen key), and a waterproof weather ring. More technical details and the Arduino library & samples can be found on Github.

M5Stack TOUGH is now available for purchase for $49.90 on the company's store.

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