Aug 16, 2023


By Mary Gannon | February 22, 2023

Recent additions to binder USA's M12 portfolio offer new combinations of features – pin count, termination style, locking system, housing materials, and shielding. The company is also developing new M12-threaded products with outer push-pull locking. The variety of options allows users to optimize their solution for specific applications, including factory and process automation, industrial metrology and controls, and autonomous robots and cobots.

binder also introduced its own single-cable hybrid solution, which combines 7 signal contacts with 2 power contacts to allow power and signal supply in a single connector. For power supply, rated currents of 12 A and voltages up to 63 V are available. For signal transmission, rated currents of 0.5 A and up to 12 V are offered.

M12 portfolio highlights:

Binder USA

Binder USA