Jun 18, 2023

18GHz cables have straight SMA and right

Amphenol RF has introduced fixed-length cable assemblies with a straight SMA plug one one end and a right-angle SMP plug on the other.

The right-angle SMP provides low mated height with no bend radius for low-headroom applications.

The cable is Tflex 405 from Amphenol Times Microwave Systems, intended to be a flexible alternative to semi-rigid coax.

The SMA plug has a gold-plated, stainless steel anti-torque body, while the SMP plug is gold-plated, beryllium copper. The

"This assembly offers excellent electrical performance up to 18GHz and is available in multiple standard lengths," according to Amphenol RF.

18 lengths are available from 76mm to 1m long, measured from the far and of the SMA to the axis of the SMP barrel.

Impedance is 50Ω and operation is across -65 to +165°C.

Military, test and measurement applications are foreseen.

And example product page, for the 100mm part, can be found here

Steve Bush